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    1. Center Pivot Irrigation System (Fixed Pivot)

      The advantage of the center pivot is that it takes less labor and water to irrigate 13-130ha from one water feeding point. Our heavy duty design allows for up to 11 spans (650m) with angles and bolt pivot anchors strong enough to withstand high winds.

    1. Center Pivot Irrigation System (Towable Pivot)

      The towable center pivot allows farmers to manually move the irrigation system in the field. The direction of the mobile pivot may change while it is working or being towed. When towing, lock the tire position so you have more control.

    1. Lateral Move System (Ditch Feed)

      With lateral move irrigation systems that use ditch feeds as a water source, there are two ways to build the ditch-with cement bricks or geomembranes. In a lateral move center, water is piped from the ditch to the sprinkler. Pump and diesel engines are installed on the center pivot's cart.

    1. Lateral Move System (Hose Feed)A lateral move system using a hose feed works in a linear movement to irrigate a rectangular area.
      Water is fed to the irrigation system by a flexible hose attached to the machine. The size of the hose is 6’ and 8’. The length can stretch from 1 span to 7 spans.
    1. Self-Propelled Irrigation System (Drivable Mobile Pivot)

      The traditional mobile pivot, a towable pivot, can only be towed by tractor from one place to another.
      With Rainfine’s new drivable mobile pivot, however, the process of irrigating becomes much simpler.

    1. Pivot Tire (Plastic Irrigation Tire)

      Rainfine’s pivot tires, also plastic irrigation tires, constructed of strong composite material, offer you the best solution for mobile center pivot irrigation equipment.
      Self-cleaning pivot tires on muddy soil. Offset tread for good traction on terrain.

  • Chemical Injection Pump

    The chemical injection pump, or called chemical dosing pump can transport chemicals that are high-viscosity, corrosive or dangerous.
    The chemical injection pump prevents back flow and leaking when water pressure is low.

  • Irrigation FilterThe irrigation filter system is specially designed for center pivots.
    Finely crafted in our workshop, the drip irrigation filter is galvanized with ASTM A 123/123m-02 and leaving no residual dross.
    1. Heavy Duty GearboxThis gearbox is specially designed for warm climates where irrigation is needed more than 300 days per year.
      The output shaft of this center pivot part has a 2-1/4" diameter.
    1. Gear MotorRainfine’s center pivots move thanks to our electric gear motors, as indispensable irrigation components.
      These high quality worm gear motors are made to have a long service life.
    1. Diesel Generator12V/24V charge alternator.
      Engine battery with battery charger, loose silencer, elbow pipe, supplied with expansion joint.
      Dry air filter, fuel filter, oil filter.
    1. Irrigation Pipe (Hot Dip Galvanized Steel)Our irrigation pipes have a thickness of 3mm, which is higher than the U.S.’s 2.0 - 2.5mm standard of pivot manufacturers according to ASTM A 123/123m-02.
    1. Gooseneck (Hot Dip Galvanized Steel)We make durable and long lasting pipe fittings and pipe drill processing systems using galvanized steel pipes.
    1. Angle and Truss Rod (Hot Dip Galvanized Steel)The truss design is the most important part of pivot irrigation systems.
      This truss rod can withstand 60,000psi. We use 22mm diameter rods instead of 19mm, making our truss rods stronger than others on the market.
    1. Irrigation Control PanelFused disconnect in automatic panel rated 600V at 30 amps.
      Forward / reverse contactors rated 600v at 30 amps.
      Our main control also supports:
      Running direction.
      Speed adjustment.
    1. Pipe Coupling (Aluminum)This flexible joint design of our aluminum pipe coupling supports all the strength of the pivot and makes the pivot flexible enough to adapt to varied terrain.
    1. Pivot Tire (Rubber)We provide three different options for our rubber pivot tires:
      11.2×38: Good clearance and flotation.
      14.9×24: Tubeless tire 4ply, for heavier and longer spans.
      16.9×24: For longer spans more flotation.
    1. Sprinkler Parts (Nelson Sprinkler 3000 Series)A fixed-spray sprinkler which produces a variety of patterns depending upon specific spray plates.
      Designed for more sensitive crops and soils.
      Crop-guarded body for low energy.
    1. Sprinkler Parts (Senninger Sprinkler UP3)The irrigation sprinkler has a variety of interchangeable deflector pads to meet specific crop, climate, and soil requirements. The design makes the spray nozzle ideal for surface water due to the distance between the nozzle and deflector and the bracket legs.
    1. End Gun (Pivot)Pivot gun doesn’t require solenoid when used in conjunction with a booster pump.
      Valve combinations available for maximum system efficiency.
    1. Coupling Assembly (C-X Coupler U-Joint)Units come pre-assembled
      Universal design
      UV stabilized Urethane puck