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We are a leading manufacturer for center pivot irrigation machine in China

We know that every farm is different and every crop requires specific care. Rainfine Irrigation Company has been designing, manufacturing, and installing center pivot and lateral move systems since 2002, providing international clients with customized watering solutions. At Rainfine, we help you plan out every aspect of your irrigation solutions, including long-term cost benefits. After surveying the land, we customize an irrigation layout design that maximizes your field’s productivity and profitability. Using precisely calculated pipelines, pump stations, and valves, we manufacture center pivot systems that can withstand wind, rain, and snow, lasting you years. Whatever your budget, climate, or size of your field, Rainfine will find an energy and water-conserving irrigation solution that’s right for you.
Main products
    1. Center Pivot Irrigation System (Fixed Pivot)

      The advantage of the center pivot is that it takes less labor and water to irrigate 13-130ha from one water feeding point. Our heavy duty design allows for up to 11 spans (650m) with angles and bolt pivot anchors strong enough to withstand high winds.

    1. Center Pivot Irrigation System (Towable Pivot)

      The towable center pivot allows farmers to manually move the irrigation system in the field. The direction of the mobile pivot may change while it is working or being towed. When towing, lock the tire position so you have more control.

    1. Lateral Move System (Ditch Feed)

      With lateral move irrigation systems that use ditch feeds as a water source, there are two ways to build the ditch-with cement bricks or geomembranes. In a lateral move center, water is piped from the ditch to the sprinkler. Pump and diesel engines are installed on the center pivot's cart.

    1. Self-Propelled Irrigation System (Drivable Mobile Pivot)

      The traditional mobile pivot, a towable pivot, can only be towed by tractor from one place to another.
      With Rainfine’s new drivable mobile pivot, however, the process of irrigating becomes much simpler.

    1. Pivot Tire (Plastic Irrigation Tire)

      Rainfine’s pivot tires, also plastic irrigation tires, constructed of strong composite material, offer you the best solution for mobile center pivot irrigation equipment.
      Self-cleaning pivot tires on muddy soil. Offset tread for good traction on terrain.

    1. Chemical Injection Pump

      The chemical injection pump, or called chemical dosing pump can transport chemicals that are high-viscosity, corrosive or dangerous.
      The chemical injection pump prevents back flow and leaking when water pressure is low.