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Center Pivot Parts (Irrigation Components)

    1. Heavy Duty GearboxThis gearbox is specially designed for warm climates where irrigation is needed more than 300 days per year.
      The output shaft of this center pivot part has a 2-1/4" diameter.
    1. Gear MotorRainfine’s center pivots move thanks to our electric gear motors, as indispensable irrigation components.
      These high quality worm gear motors are made to have a long service life.
    1. Diesel Generator12V/24V charge alternator.
      Engine battery with battery charger, loose silencer, elbow pipe, supplied with expansion joint.
      Dry air filter, fuel filter, oil filter.
    1. Auto Reverse & Stop SystemThis system includes a control box, sensor arm, traverse arm, cable and springs as well as safety and crash prevention features.
      The auto reverse and stop system automatically makes the pivot stop and reverse when encountering such obstacles.
    1. Angle and Truss Rod (Hot Dip Galvanized Steel)The truss design is the most important part of pivot irrigation systems.
      This truss rod can withstand 60,000psi. We use 22mm diameter rods instead of 19mm, making our truss rods stronger than others on the market.
    1. Irrigation Control PanelFused disconnect in automatic panel rated 600V at 30 amps.
      Forward / reverse contactors rated 600v at 30 amps.
      Our main control also supports:
      Running direction.
      Speed adjustment.
    1. Pipe Coupling (Aluminum)This flexible joint design of our aluminum pipe coupling supports all the strength of the pivot and makes the pivot flexible enough to adapt to varied terrain.
    1. Pivot Tire, Non-Pneumatic Irrigation Tire(Rubber)We provide three different options for our rubber pivot tires:
      11.2×38: Good clearance and flotation.
      14.9×24: Tubeless tire 4ply, for heavier and longer spans.
      16.9×24: For longer spans more flotation.
    1. Sprinkler Parts (Senninger Sprinkler UP3)The irrigation sprinkler has a variety of interchangeable deflector pads to meet specific crop, climate, and soil requirements. The design makes the spray nozzle ideal for surface water due to the distance between the nozzle and deflector and the bracket legs.
    1. End Gun (Pivot)Pivot gun doesn’t require solenoid when used in conjunction with a booster pump.
      Valve combinations available for maximum system efficiency.

Components and parts for our Stainless Steel Center Pivot System include gearbox, gear motor, diesel generator, auto reverse and stop system, irrigation pipe, truss rod, irrigation control panel, pivot tire, sprinkler, pivot end gun, etc.