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Sprinkler Parts (Senninger Sprinkler UP3)

i-Wobs Sprinkler
Unique off-center rotary action, outstanding uniformity;
Gentle, rain-like application;
Excellent spray distance;
Low pressure operation from 10 to 20 psi for cost-efficient energy savings over the year.

LDN Sprinkler
Minimized losses to wind drift, evaporation and runoff;
Multiple deflector pad design;
Sturdy design for traveling through tall crops;
Low pressure – 6 to 15 psi;
Chemigation pads produce an upward spray under the crop canopy;
Bubbler pad applies water in a gentle, aerated pattern ideal for direct-to-furrow irrigation.

Xi-Wob Sprinkler
Large area of coverage
Ultra low pressure
Easy to clean and change nozzle
Droplet size needed for type of soil
Uniformity affects
Application intensity
Excellent spray distance.

Super Spray Sprinkler
Wide variety of color-coded deflector pads to customize distribution pattern;
Full 360 degree spray pattern;
Low-pressure operation: 6-25 psi;
Chemigation pads and hose barb adapter available.

Super Spray Easy Clean Nozzle
Senninger’s advanced UP3 (Universal Pivot Products Platform) is used in the Super Spray Easy Clean Nozzle. The snap-in nozzle means you won’t have to dissemble or remove the sprinkler to clean or change the nozzle.

For more than 30 years, the Senninger Super Spray has provided more versatility than any other spray nozzle on the market. Theirrigation sprinkler has a variety of interchangeable deflector pads to meet specific crop, climate, and soil requirements. The design makes the spray nozzle ideal for surface water due to the distance between the nozzle and deflector and the bracket legs.

Dual Nozzle Carrier (patent pending)
Utilizing two different flow rates in a center pivot (a lower rate for germination or chemigation and a higher rate for mature crop irrigation) saves both water and energy. The Dual Nozzle Carrier simplifies nozzles so all you have to do is pinch and pull the nozzle from the applicator, flip the carrier, then click the second nozzle back into place. The carrier is marked to show which nozzles are high and low flow.

Deflector Pads
The Super Spray’s 22 deflector pads vary by shape (flat, concave, or convex) and surface (smooth, medium-grooved, or deep-grooved). The shape and surface help control the spray pattern and droplet size. Chemigation pads are available in high profile (corn) and low profile (cotton) to reach the underside of foliage. These snap-in pads can be easily changed during the season to fit varying field and growing conditions.

Technical Parameters
Nozzle sizes
Minimum #4 1/16" (1.59 mm)
Maximum #26 13/32" (10.32 mm)
Minimum 0.27 gpm (61 L/hr)
Maximum 29.96 gpm (6805 L/hr)
Maximum Spacing
at 6 ft (1.8 m) ground clearance 11 ft (3.4 m) 10 ft (3.0 m)
Pressure at the Nozzle
Minimum 6psi (0.41 bar)
Maximum 40psi (2.76 bar)
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