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Heavy Duty Gearbox

Product Description
Rainfine's heavy duty gearbox:
Material: Ductile Iron HT300
Shaft Material: Steel 45

Worm and gear pressure angle is modified
Significant improvements compared to standard models
This gearbox is specially designed for warm climates where irrigation is needed more than 300 days per year

Features of the Heavy Duty Gearbox
1) The worm gear consists of high strength forged steel with a Brinell hardness of 210 while other gearboxes are made from cast iron and have a variation of hardness levels. This worm gearbox is different from those made by grey pig iron.
2) The worm and gear pressure angles are designed to be 14.5 degrees, based on extensive research and testing. The smaller angle is more efficient and exceeds strength requirements.
3) The output shaft of this center pivot part has a 2-1/4" diameter. Although large shafts can be used, the actual strength is determined by the load applied and physical properties of the material. Our shafts are made from high strength forged steel. The gearbox overhang load point is relatively small at 1-1/2" from the bearing to the wheel mounting flange.
4) The worm end caps made of cast iron are tightly held by 4 bolts versus a threaded nut to reduce the possibility of becoming loose while in the field.

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