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Look for Representatives and Dealers

We are always looking for new representatives and regional dealers of our products. Here are the terms and conditions Rainfine representatives and regional dealers must meet.

To be a Rainfine representative:
1. The candidate may be working privately, for an existing company, or a prospective business.
2. All correspondence with Rainfine’s head office will be in English.
3. Companies or people already working in irrigation equipment manufacturing or sales may have an advantage.
4. Individual candidates should have a friendly disposition, good business reputation, strong work ethic, positive thinking, ability to organize people, and no criminal record.
5. We prefer candidates to have a bachelors or masters degree in agriculture or irrigation.

To be a Rainfine dealer:
Rainfine Irrigation invites regional dealers to supply and service Rainfine products all over the world. We review candidates from medium to large companies who are experienced in supplying and servicing foreign agricultural machines and equipment. Companies already dealing with irrigation equipment specifically will have an advantage.

Support from Rainfine:
1. Independent website
2. Free brochures
3. Demonstration machine for exhibitions
4. Company logo and documents
5. All literatures and presentations on Rainfine
6. Price list of products
7. Engineering design for irrigation projects

We welcome you to contact us at wangzhi2000@163.com
, if you have any suggestions or any interests in working with us.