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Designer's Advice

Even in this day and age, we will come across numerous farmers that are not well informed about the makings of an irrigation system, let alone how to be cost efficient. This is not an issue, however, because we are going to help you with that!

To design a perfect irrigation system, you need a lot of knowledge about irrigation as well as involved equipment including pipes and pumps. We use highly specialized irrigation design software that is also capable of handling the design of a water distribution system. The software uses Google Earth data to create topographic maps of the land that needs irrigation. We ask our customers to send us a map of their land using Google Earth in a KML file. Having this resource allows us to include key elements such as elevation, boundaries, and water sources, all at an extremely low cost. Google Earth is usually more accurate than a traditional land survey and is certainly much more cost effective.

Elevation differences in the land are then used to calculate water pressure as well as the underground pipeline size. These calculations are done automatically, making this program of the best-in-class software available to irrigation design companies!

An example from Google Earth, KML File. From this map, we can see 3 fields from 3 different farmers that are working together to save on their investment. The red lines represent the channels under construction that will lead to the field where a dam will be built.

Conventional design with wasted land between pivots
Correct design that maximizes the use of use of land. Using end guns, we are able to irrigate nearly all of the remaining lands.

Effective Placement
When our designers consider the placement of pivot centers, they look at where land may be wasted between pivot rotations and how best to reduce that waste. End guns at the end of pivots is one way to help reduce the chance of unirrigated land; more machines or a combination of different systems is another way. Our goal is to help farmers be able to use as much as their land as they can for crops. Check out the example below.

Common design with center pivot and wasted land between machines.

Better design which irrigates the maximum area of land. Using an end gun on the center pivot, we can irrigate nearly all the land area.

Long-Term Savings
The best way to save money is to consider a project from start to finish, including the quality of materials, placement of pivot, and long-term cost-effectiveness. Our designers consider all options, using data about the distance and hydraulic systems to find out where money can be saved long-term. For example, designing for lower pressure in pumps is more cost-effective as the pumps in the pump station will be small and cheaper. Our designers will run each plan through the IrriMaker program’s hydraulic simulation to find any error before proceeding.

Turnkey Projects
The more people and companies involved in a project, the costlier the project may become as everyone wants to make their profit. By providing turnkey projects, we can offer competitive prices and more free services. We will also be more knowledgeable about your needs and able to offer more personalized and better irrigation solutions.

If you do buy your equipment from different suppliers, you should talk to the center pivots manufacturer first and make sure that all equipment will work together. The best way to find manufacturers of valves, pumps, and pipes is to consult your pivot manufacturer.

Advanced Software
Model maker is currently the best software for irrigation design on the market. We use this program to calculate pipe sizes and pump pressures, run hydraulic simulations, find water application rates, and even give GPS points for each center pivot. It can calculate the end pressure of center pivots, inlet pressure, water hammer protection, friction loss in pipeline, and the pressure on each valve. Then the program will design an irrigation plan, which we will test with survey work for higher accuracy. Compared to traditional land surveys or older programs such as Autocad, this software saves time and money and is also far more accurate.

  • A pipeline design for a past project
  • Each color stands for a different pipe diameter
  • A hydraulic simulation model
  • A finished design exported back into Google Earth

Consistent Materials
Many manufacturers use different sizes of spans, diameters of pipelines, goose neck spacing, and overhang sizes. Our designers use the actual sizes of equipment we provide. If you want to create an irrigation design using another manufacturer’s machines, our designers will need to rework the design with the correct piplines, hydraulic systems and water application rates so the system will work properly. Our turnkey project designs, however, are free of charge, and we supply all the irrigation equipment, center pivots, pipes, pumps, and valves from our long-term partners in China.

If you have any questions about design, contact our designer Wang Zhi.
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