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About Us

Rainfine Irrigation Company is a major manufacturer of Stainless Steel Center Pivot System in China. We provide consultation services regarding water supply design and farm planning and management to help you maximize your yield production. We have access to the most advanced technology in addition to experience in manufacturing center pivot, lateral move systems, and their various components.

Center pivot irrigation is a method of crop irrigation where the equipment rotates on a central pivot to water as much area as possible. By adjusting the speed of the system, the center pivot irrigation machine controls the output of the sprinkler, allowing the farmer to adjust the amount of chemicals or water going to the crops. Rainfine’s center pivot machines can irrigate nearly all soil and field crops such as wheat, vegetables, cotton, soy beans, or coffee beans in square, rectangular, or circular-shaped fields.

Fixed Center Pivot Irrigation System
Towable Center Pivot Irrigation System

In recent years as our business has developed, we’ve expanded our market to more countries, tackling a range of tough projects with sloping terrain, particularly dry climates, and large fields. Our longest lateral move system, made for a Russian client, is nearly 800m long with 2 wings, 7 spans with overhang each. Each of our products meets international standards for irrigation manufacturing such as ISO15873, ISO12374, ISOTR15155, and ISO9001 2008 quality control.

Longest Lateral Move Irrigation System

Our goal is to provide high quality irrigation machines and services at affordable prices. With our warehouse located in the Dalian Free-Trade Zone in China, we assemble control panels, sprinklers, regulators, tower boxes, gear motors, and gear boxes. Using steel parts made in China lowers our material and storage costs so we can offer you a great price.

With several patented inventions, such as our no-flat, no maintenance plastic tires and drivable mobile pivot, we continue to refine our irrigation equipment to meet the specific needs of our customers. Contact Rainfine Irrigation Company today for excellent equipment, quality service, and affordable irrigation solutions.