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Pivot Tire (Non-Pneumatic Irrigation Tire)

What is RNPT (Rubber Non-Pneumatic Tire)
1. Pivot tire segments are made using high quality rubber
2. Superior quality UV resistant material added
3. 10×38” standard galvanized rim
4. Universal exchangeable rim to all brands
5. Self-cleaning tread pattern
6. Wider tread for less intensity of pressure and better flotation
7. Tread design offers great traction without being too aggressive
8. Equivalent with the size of 14. 9 x 24 pneumatic tires

Standard Non-Pneumatic Tire
Independent 16 segments for easy replacement
Directional (D) or Non-Directional (ND) tread pattern available according to configurable segments

Technical Parameters of Pivot Tire
Wt/Tire(KG) 135
Qty/Pallet(PCS) 4
Size/Pallet(mm) 559.5
Qty/40’HC 36 Pallets(144 tires)
Wt/40’HC(KG) 20,140
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