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Lateral Move Systems

    1. Lateral Move System (Ditch Feed)

      With lateral move irrigation systems that use ditch feeds as a water source, there are two ways to build the ditch-with cement bricks or geomembranes. In a lateral move center, water is piped from the ditch to the sprinkler. Pump and diesel engines are installed on the center pivot's cart.

    1. Lateral Move System (Hose Feed)A lateral move system using a hose feed works in a linear movement to irrigate a rectangular area.
      Water is fed to the irrigation system by a flexible hose attached to the machine. The size of the hose is 6’ and 8’. The length can stretch from 1 span to 7 spans.

Travel straight across square and rectangular fields with Rainfine lateral move systems. These high-strength irrigation systems can irrigate nearly 100% of these fields. Rainfine offers two types of lateral move irrigation systems that differ in water feeding system. One chooses ditch feed system and another one hose feed system. These two easy-to-use, economical, and reliable hose-fed or ditch-fed irrigation machines can replace your wheel-line or flood irrigation system for better results year after year.