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Center Pivots

    1. Center Pivot Irrigation System (Fixed Pivot)

      The advantage of the center pivot is that it takes less labor and water to irrigate 13-130ha from one water feeding point. Our heavy duty design allows for up to 11 spans (650m) with angles and bolt pivot anchors strong enough to withstand high winds.

    1. Center Pivot Irrigation System (Towable Pivot)

      The towable center pivot allows farmers to manually move the irrigation system in the field. The direction of the mobile pivot may change while it is working or being towed. When towing, lock the tire position so you have more control.


Rainfine is a prominent irrigation systems supplier in China. We offer two types of center pivot irrigation systems, i.e. fixed center pivot and towable center pivot. This farming equipment is constructed from pivot point, spans, overhang, sprinkler, end gun, etc., providing incomparable irrigation solutions for all kinds of fields.